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Friday, April 9, 2010

What's that? It's Patatat!

Enabling communities of communication using SMS.

The evening news of Africa consists of pats and tats drumming out across the hazy evening air. The village drum-man hears these sounds and he begins to play along. In this way the beat of information fills the evening and continues to spread from village to village in the same way it has for thousands of years. Patatat uses Africa's 21st century drum, the mobile phone to build communities and share important news just like the African drum. In the same way that google groups enable you to build an email list, Patatat lets you build information communities with text messages. Using a web browser you enter in a list of all of the phone numbers that you want to include in your group. Then you type the message that you want to send and Patatat will broadcast it to the entire group. When somebody replies, their message will then be rebroadcast to the entire group.

Patatat is Social Range's first thing. Sign up, create a group and drum a message (email, twitter) over to us and we'll give you some free credit to beta test it up with us.


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