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Social Range is hiring.

Hard-nosed Businessperson
Social Range needs a hard-nosed businessperson. You must be great at making deals, modelling scenarios in spreadsheets, and you have read all of the great books about tech startups. Social networking is what you do before eating. Your presentations rarely have words in them, and there is at least one person in tears (of joy, hate or heartbroken-ness) everytime you step away from the podium. Lorenzo de' Medici is your role model for how to prosper during times of renaissance.

Mobile Phone Hacker Extraordinaire
Social Range needs a mobile phone hacker. You must think that the mobile phone is the most important invention since Gutenberg's printing press. You probably have never used a rotary phone, but could use the pulse protocol for dialing if you had a piece of bamboo and a spoon. You prefer to be paid in mobile phone units. In college you argued for Lisp to count as a foreign language credit, and you won.